Personnel audit

If you want to increase the effectiveness of human resource management at your company, you might wish to consider conducting personnel audit which can help you analyse and evaluate your current personnel policies, procedures, and practices.
Personnel audit

Working with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Creating positive image of HR department
    We help your employees develop skills and gain knowledge about brand new HR tools, thus helping them build a positive image of the personnel department.
  • Specifying HR department's duties and responsibilities 
    We delineate the competences which the members of your HR department need in order to work efficiently. Then, we define key indicators to assess the effectiveness of implementing the company's personnel policy.
  • Ensuring coherence of HR practices and activities  
    We adjust HR tools to your company's business goals, activities, and organisational culture. We also make sure that they match the already implemented HR policy.
  • Identifying major HR issues
    We identify the key elements of HR policy necessary for  proper personnel management. We carefully plan the implementation of the new methods as well as the adjustment of the already used solutions to you company's needs.
  • Assessing HR policy's impact on company's functioning
    We conduct a thorough analysis of the added value that the HR employees bring to your company and examine the role they play in its organizational structure.
  • Ensuring HR policy's compliance with law
    We help you make sure that your company's actions are in compliance with law.
  • Reviewing procedures and reducing costs
    We offer you brand new solutions supported by IT tools that allow for improving the effectiveness of HR department's practices and activities.
  • Reviewing flow of information at your company
    We analyse the flow of information, assess the effectiveness of your company's internal communication system, and propose to implement relevant optimizing solutions.

Personnel audit - a path to efficient personnel management

  1. Planning audit
    We identify audit's primary goals, scope, and timetable. We also choose tools which can help conduct the process efficiently.
  2. Carrying out audit
    We analyse employee documentation and existing procedures. We also moderate discussions with employees' representatives and executive managers.
  3. Presenting results and recommended solutions
    We assess the compatibility of organizational structures, systems, and procedures with the company's strategic goals. We also identify methods of improving your company's effectiveness and propose means of implementing them.
  4. Implementing and evaluating change
    We consult methods of implementing change programmes with executive managers. We evaluate implemented solutions and, if needed, adjust them to your company's needs.

If you want to manage personnel effectively, don't hesitate to carry out personnel audit with us.

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