Employee satisfaction survey

If you want to increase your employees' motivation and engagement, have us conduct regular satisfaction surveys. A multidimensional analysis of their results will help you identify strengths and weaknesses of your HR management procedures. Together, we will design a programme that aims at increasing job satisfaction, thereby improving your employees' efficiency and increasing loyalty.
Employee satisfaction survey

Working with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Sound analysis of your company's situation
    We analyse employee documentation as well as speak with key managers and selected employees to gather information essential for designing appropriate evaluation tools.
  • Information campaign prior to the survey
    We plan an information campaign about the aims and the course of the employee satisfaction survey. We also protect respondent anonymity to ensure the highest level of employees' engagement.
  • Designing dedicated questionnaire
    We adjust the methodology used in employee satisfaction survey to your company's current situation and needs.
  • Compiling summarizing reports
    We ensure flexibility in correlating detailed reports with your company's needs and goals.

Employee satisfaction survey with HRE

  1. Verifying survey's results
    Identifying survey's assumptions and aims on the basis of interviews with executive managers.
  2. Employee documentation analysis
    Reviewing documents which influence the level of job satisfaction.
  3. Preparing employees for satisfaction survey
    We prepare informational campaigns, the aim of which is to acquaint employees with the aims and the course of the survey.
  4. Designing and implementing SUCCESSSTEPS
    The use of SUCCESSSTEPS, our original IT tool, ensures seamlessness of conducting the employee satisfaction survey.
  5. Gathering qualitative data
    We moderate discussions to specify challenges awaiting you in the process of increasing job satisfaction.
  6. Interviews with selected employees
    We interview managers to identify areas that need to be improved.
  7. Compiling reports
    We compile a detailed report and a presentation of the survey's results, both of which can be shown to the company's Board of Directors.
  8. Designing and implementing the plan for increasing job satisfaction
    We support you in defining and undertaking activities which are to increase the level of job satisfaction.
  9. Final evaluation
    Having introduced suggested changes, we re-evaluate your employees' satisfaction and compile a comparative report.

Increase you employees' loyalty and conduct satisfaction surveys regularly.

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