HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing consists in entrusting our professionals consultants handling some processes related to human resources management. This area is rapidly growing and gaining more and more popularity due to a number of benefits that it brings. Currently, HR outsourcing not only benefits small and medium-sized enterprises, but also corporations on an international scale.
HR Outsourcing

Choosing the HR Executive as the company conducting the HR outsourcing provides the following benefits:

  • Cost optimization
    HR outsourcing clearly lightens the person ordering that using external solution avoids hidden costs such as sick leaves or annual leaves. In addition, the customer can be assured that the personal functions exercised highly qualified and experienced specialists.
  • Provide for objectivity and anonymity
    In studies of employees and candidates is extremely important objective evaluation. By using HR outsourcing elements such as recruitment, employee satisfaction survey and assessment of competence by the Development Centre are carried out by impartial external consultants.
  • Improving efficiency in achieving the objectives
    Thanks to the close cooperation of the management company's customer and our experts from HR functions increase the efficiency of operations. Processes run smoothly by the combination of many years of experience in HR and the consistency with the objectives of the Client have recognize during discussions with the management.
  • Implementation of professional knowledge
    The customer obtains qualified professionals with current knowledge aboutthe whole area of HRM, ranging from recruitment, through the creation of competence models, evaluation and research workers after employer branding. Expert knowledge and experience of external consultants provides tangible results visible in the everyday functioning of the company.
  • Enhanced controllability and transparency of operation
    Responsibilities of the external consultants is strictly defined and the contracted in the contract. The effects of the activities undertaken subject to reporting in a predetermined manner, and periodic inspection.
  • Increasing the openness of workers to change
    Hired person in the company, recognizing the efficiency of the external consultants and their competences have the confidence to changes in the organization and quickly adapt to them.
  • Focusing on the implementation of the company's strategy
    HR outsourcing allows optimizing decisions due to the exclusion of the impact of internal relations between departments. The result eliminated interdepartmental competition and pursues the objectives the entire company.
  • Matching the scale of outsourcing
    There is a choice of full or selective outsourcing. In the first case this involves the complete takeover of the company competence in the field of HRM, in the second customer chooses which areas will be outsourced our HR consultants.

Important Information’s

The decision to outsource HR functions is a strategic decision with long-term consequences. When choosing an outsourcing company, you need to consider the period for which it functions on the market, meeting of specialists at its disposal, as well as their experience and competence. A good idea is also asking for referrals from clients already using its services. An important element is also the complexity of the offer, if necessary, to be able to expand the scope of cooperation without incurring the costs associated with the search for new partners.

The basis for effective co-operation is to determine the scope of duties and responsibilities of both parties. An external company is committed to ensuring complete confidentiality concerning the data processed. What is important, this obligation has no time limit and does not expire after termination of the agreement.

HR outsourcing, focused on improving the effectiveness of the organization and its profitability is the best solution for large companies, corporate and small and medium enterprises.


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