HR Software

In the last decade we can observe strenghtening trend of moving more and more HR functions towards managers. It enforces a new approach to competence management. Implemented tools must now be accessible and readable for people who are not specialized in their application. The answer to this challenge is using IT systems to support HR management.
HR Software

SUCCESSSTEPS platform - areas in which it can support the processes of human resources management.

SUCCESSSTEPS authorial platform is developed by our software tool supporting the survey online. The tool is designed in such a way as to meet the specific research requirements in human resources management.
SUCCESSSTEPS platform is used both by us and our business partners (consulting company and consultants managing projects for their customers), mainly for 360 Degree Feedback and Employees satisfaction surveys projects.


  1. The opportunity to participate in a survey from any location - online access
  2. Automation of invitations and survey instruction distribution
  3. Full support for the methodology of assessment through 360 degree feedback
  4. Ensuring full anonymity of participants at the system level
  5. Access to standardized competences in case of no internal model
  6. Full flexibility in the implementation of Client' competence model
  7. Clear individual reports automatically generated based on the collected data
  8. The ability to generate group and organizational reports
  9. Cost optimization - reducing the time needed to conduct the survey and generate the results
  10. Repeatability - once prepared survey can be easily used in subsequent years

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