Compensation systems

The compensation system is an important element of HR policy in the organization. It should be in line with the strategy and objectives of the company as well as with the market situation. Salary components must be directly related to the type of work and its effects. Objective and fair compensation system guarantees stability of employment and contributes to employees' motivation.
Compensation systems

Cooperation with HR Executive in designing and implementing compensation system provides the following benefits:

  • Analysis of HR documentation
    The first stage of analysis of the existing compensation system is to review and update current job descriptions. Based on analyses results the most appropriate method of job evaluation is selected.
  • Objective evaluation
    Unbiased validation of existing compensation system according to the principle that its components should be rationally related to the type of work and results achieved.
  • Creation of the bonus system and non-wage benefits
    Based on many years of experience, knowledge of market and employees' expectations, our consultants help in building simple and transparent bonus systems.
  • Preparing the report with recommended changes
    The proposed modifications respond to organization's budget reality and lead to increasing efficiency and as a result to reducing total labor costs.


  1. Organisational meeting
    Setting goals and learning about organisational strategy which should be compatible with compensation system.
  2. Analysis of currently existing compensation system
    Analyzing of HR documentation, job descriptions and company's organisational structure.
  3. Desiging and conducting employees satisfaction surveys
    Verification of the level of satisfaction with current salaries among representative group of employees using online SUCCESSSSTEPS platform is fully anonymous.
  4. Job positions eveluation
    Choosing method and creating questionnaires. On this stage our consultants are closely cooperating with employees delegated form client's side.
  5. Defining grades for all job positions
    Assigning job positions to categories based on eveluation results.
  6. Preparing table of basic salaries and bonus system.
    Assigning salary levels to grades. Establishing rules for calculating bonuses.
  7. Preparing and presenting final report
    The report contains information about current situation, recommended changes and simulation of costs related with implemeting new system in the company.
  8. Implementing the compensation system
    The implementation of approved solutions in the organization. Cooperation in changing procedures and establishing new compensation system.

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