Employees' training

Gain competitive advantage by allowing those who build up your business to develop. We offer dedicated employees' trainings designed in line with your needs and goals. Our trainings aim at improving job performance as well as increasing employees' motivation and engagement in everyday tasks. 
Employees' training

Working with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • ​Need analysis
    We identify the gap between what employees know and are capable of doing (the present state) and what they should know and be able to do (the desired state).  
  • Workshop-oriented approach
    We increase employees' motivation by running training workshops. Since this approach relies on applying theory to practice, it enhances the overall effectiveness of the learning process.  
  • Wide range of trainings
    We conducts soft skills training for managers and experts as well as specialized training programmes aimed at HR staff.
  • Employer Branding
    We plan training programmes in line with your company's mission and values, thus building a positive image of you as a research- and development-oriented employer.

Planning and running effective training sessions

  1. Training needs analysis
    Defining training goals as well as knowledge and skills already possessed by your employees.
  2. Design
    Conducting thorough analysis of the training programme's content. Selecting teaching aids and assessment tools 
  3. Planning the programme
    Planning training programme, outlining the topics of particular sessions, defining tools and training methods.
  4. Impementation
    Coordinating training activities of all parties involved and running training sessions.
  5. Evaluation
    Evaluating particular training sessions by their participants and the project manager as well as assessing the achieved results.

Build a strong market position. Invest in human capital and have us organize employees' trainings.

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