Employees satisfaction surveys

PROTE Technology for Environment is an innovative company dealing with environmental problems. It prevents the formation of such problems and eliminates them. The company provides in this regard comprehensive services - from the project itself, through formal and legal services, to implementation of the entrusted tasks.

Obrazek do Employees satisfaction surveys
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An overriding aim of the employees satisfaction surveys of the PROTE Company was to determine the directions of strategy of human resources management development and improving work efficiency.

  • Recognition of attitudes which are common among workers
  • Defining factors which can positively or negatively affect the level of employee satisfaction
  • Identification of potential problems and threats
  • Identification of employee development needs in the organisation context
  • Identification of management style in the organisation perceived by employees and the assessment of management effectiveness on different levels
  • Identification of organisational culture


Stages of the Project:

  1. Interviews with the Management
  2. Behavioural interview with all employees
  3. Surveys:
    • Survey concerning motivation and satisfaction
    • Organisational culture
    • Life cycle of the organisation
    • Management style perceived by employees
  4. Summary of activities

As a result of the actions taken the final report was created containing information about:
  • Attitudes and moods of the employee
  • Major motivations in the studied organisation
  • The needs of employees development and possible problems that may occur
The report depicts integration of levels between organizational life phase and currently present management system and organizational culture. What is more, it shows the extent to which identification of the future vision of the organization is consistent with the future vision of individual employees.
The key message of the report is the recommended action for the future development of the company which is expected to contribute to the greater effectiveness and profitability thanks to the constant development of its employees.