Trainee program

GlaxoSmithKline is an international corporation, the leader in pharmaceutical industry investing in its employees’ development and moreover, involved in research and career development of young talented people.

Obrazek do Trainee program
Cel projektu

Finding young talents for the four departments of GSK plant in Poznan: Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, and Logistics.


Assistance of the client in promotional activities and in selection process in order to choose the best candidates for the future leaders.

Requirements for candidates:

  • Knowledge in the field of production, management, economics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy; depending on the department
  • Knowledge of English language sufficient to communicate freely both in writing and speaking
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills
  • Motivation to work in GSK and for self-improvement
  • Predispositions to manage a team
  • Flexibility of thinking in the area of acquiring new knowledge, learning by one’s own mistakes, recognizing different perspectives
  • Initiative, the ability to set one’s own goals
  • Ability of analytical thinking, planning, concluding, finding nonconventional solutions
  • Openness to changes, adaptability


Stages of the Project:

  1. Determining with the client procedures of recruitment process of potential talents
  2. Including activities promoting the internship project (cooperation with career offices, students’ organizations, spreading the information about the project on conferences and relevant forums)
  3. Pre-selection of resumes, cover letters and application forms according to strictly defined criteria (all in English)
  4. Verification of the skills during the interviews or videoconferences with candidates by using the behavioural method and interviews in English
  5. The report of the recruitment process
  6. Conducting Assessment Centre with recommended candidates
  7. The interview with recommended after Assessment Centre candidates with GSK representatives
  8. Selection of candidates
  9. Verification of references of selected candidates
  10. Evaluation of activities

Assignment of 5 internship positions for a period of 2 years, creating a group of talented future leaders and team members of GlaxoSmithKline.