Employer Branding

Saint-Gobain is an international capital group. It is one of the biggest and the fastest growing corporations operating in building materials industry. Let’s read how we supported the HR department in Saint-Gobain.

Obrazek do Employer Branding
Cel projektu

Diagnosis of the organisation in order to identify the causes of relatively high turnover of the employees in the company and their growing rate of absenteeism.


Investigating the causes of increasing statistics of accidents at work despite the company’s strong emphasis on Health and Safety training and continuous improvement of safety procedures.


In order to examine the organisational climate in the company and obtain reliable information we used the following methodology:

  • Individual interviews with employees Standardised individual interviews with selected employees who may represent the characteristic opinions for the respective employee groups; an open discussion about problems connected with everyday life in the workplace.
  • Group interview Moderated discussions in small employee groups which may help to identify the problematic phenomena beforehand.
  • Diagnosis of employees satisfaction and managerial problems
  • Survey Anonymous surveys concerning previously identified problematic phenomena, intensifying the topic, searching for expected problem solving methods.

The report concerning the situation in the organisation, the employees’ attitudes and their causes, the managerial style in the entities examined in the organisation.

Recomendation for taking actions in the following areas:
  • Trainings
  • Motivation System and Loyalty Programme
  • Employees development
  • Internal Public Relations – enhancing the atmosphere within the organisation
  • External Public Relations – creating the image of a good employer
  • Recruiting new employees