360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Fedback is a way of gathering multilateral information about employees and their comeptences from people working in their work environment. The assessment is done by supervisors, subordinates, co - workers, internal and external customers as well as by the employees themselves. The sum of provided information gives the big picture of employees' performance.
360 Degree Feedback

Working together with HR Executive on doing a 360 Degree Feedback gives you a variety of profits:

  • Access to the SUCCESSSTEPS platform
    Authorial information system SUCCESSSTEPS is used for gathering appraisals on - line and for results aggregation with regards to the 360 Degree Feedback methodology. The platform helps in effective execution of the survey as well as in ensuring respondents anonymity.
  • Legible and clear reports
    Format and a way of presenting information in our reports are constructed in a customer - friendly manner. Data is communicated in an easy way in order to be useful not only for people with the HR background or trainings.
  • Three - ply competences construction
    The Competences models are projected according to all assumptions of the methodology. Each competence is defined, divided into aspects and into observable indicants which can be seen in employee's behaviours.
  • Consulting
    Each 360 Degree assessment is introduced with an initial analysis of the existing situation in the company, as well as with a determination of the study purposes and preparation of an information campaign adjusted to the organizational culture.
  • The project of personalised study
    As a result of our long - time experience in preparing complete competences models, strictly tailored reasearches are produced, providing for the company organizational culture and its purposes.
  • Professional feedback
    Our consultants are prepared to provide respondents with professional feedback, in order to develop motivation for work and enable personal development. The results are communicated withe the use of facts and expectation language.
  • The use of defined competence model
    For specific positions groups with undifferentiated required competences (i.e. FMCG Sales Representative) there are pre - defined sets of competences available. The sets are projected and standardised by our consultants.
  • Coaching and trainings
    Our company offers wide range of trainings and coaching sessions realted to soft skills. Thanks to that there is an ease to combine the 360 Degree Feedback results with taking adequate development steps.


  1. Project analyses and determination of goals
    Diagnosis of the customer needs, the range of the 360 Degree Feedback and precise goals setting.
  2. Preparing of competence model for the study and choice of pre - defined competences
    According to the company character, research purposes and type of assessed group there is a possibilty to choose on of the above ways.
  3. Construction of communication strategy
    Project of internal and external comunication, as well as an instruction of conducting information campaign related to the 360 Degree Feedback among employees.
  4. Survey implementation on the SUCCESSSTEPS platform
    Preparation of on - line questionnaires, invitation for the study and the compilation of the reports motor. Assurance of the data safety and anonymity.
  5. Communication
    Arrangement of the information campaign about the purposes and effects of planned survey. Respondents affirmation about complete anonymiy of marks given by them in order to reveal more spontaneuous and honest responds.
  6. Distribution of invitations for the survey
    Mailing of invitations for fulfilling the surveys on - line.
  7. Information gathering and implementing of the escalating procedures
    All data is assembled via information system in a complete anonymuous way. For those who are delayed with completing the form, the system will automatically send reminders.
  8. Generation of reports
    After congregating all data the system generate quantitative reports consisting of information about the level of developed competences, graphics visualisation and analyses of qualitative results.
  9. Feedback session
    Explanation of the meaning of data included in reports during face - to - face meetings with our consultants and collaboration in planning individually tailored development paths.
  10. Coaching sessions
    In collaboration with picked coach the employee works on processing steps from the planned development path.

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