Employee evaluation systems

Employee evaluation system is used to assess work effects, progression made and the level of developed competences. It is a key element of motivating employees, providing them with feedback about their efforts and a way of settling areas that should be developed as well as tasks to be done. This system is proved to have positive impact on employer branding.
Employee evaluation systems

Working together with HR Executive on building Employee evaluation system gives you a variety of profits:

  • Job descriptions review and actualization of them if necessary
    Before starting the Employee evaluation system implementation our consultants walk through existing job descriptions, which are jumping - off point of establishing unambiguous criteria of performance review.
  • The plan of communication about the Employee evaluation system
    The key element of the whole process is to prepare all employees for the performance review and to boost their engagement in the program. Internal communication may include both electronic ways (e-mailing, Intranet campaign) and traditional (flyers, posters).
  • ​Choice of the most cost and time effective methods and tools
    Performance review goes smoothly and without any additional costs thanks to the optimisation of the process given by our authorial information system SUCCESSSTEPS.
  • ​Periodic workshops for management
    Assessment process demands well - developed competences regarding giving feedback. During recurrent trainings our consultants prepare managers to communicate with their subordinates effectively and assertively. 
  • Preparing detailed analysis of the project
    Our consultants do research related to the company's needs with regards to the Employee evaluation system implementation. Thanks to that the procedure is tailored strictly to the organisation.
  • Trainings and coaching
    Our company offers various set of trainings and coaching sessions linked with soft competences. As a result, there is an easy way of connecting effects of the evaluation system with adequate development steps.


  1. Personnel documentation analysis
    Putting in the picture about existing documents, especially with job descriptions, competence models and organizational structure.
  2. Criteria of the assessment compilation
    Diagnosis of key competences within focus groups and face-to-face talks with managers.
  3. Choice of assessment methods
    Conforming methods and tools of assessment to the character, size and needs of the organisation.
  4. Project of the assessment kit
    Improvement, optimization and cost reduction as a result of using our authorial information system SUCCESSSTEPS.
  5. Workshops and trainings for management
    Preparing managers for taking supportive role during the implementation of the Employee evaluation system.
  6. Test implementation
    Pilot study done among management, which has well-rounded knowledge and understanding of purposes and the whole assessment process.
  7. Effects study and adjusting the methodology
    Working with results and preparing reports from the pilot study is the base of gathering additional information helpful in conforming the tool to the organisation.
  8. Communication
    Preparing internal communication and instruction regarding execution of the information campaign.
  9. Training of people taking part in the assessment
    Providing participants with all knowledge needed to effectively use implemented system and to give others necessary feedback in correct way.
  10. Final implementation of the Employee evaluation system
    Deployment of the tested and tailored tool in the whole organisation.

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