Organisational insight

The main goal of an organizational insight is to confront the current situation in the company with its strategic goals in order to identify key areas of development.  As an outcome the customer receives detailed report concerning present situation as well as recommended solutions to be implemented. The changes help the organization to raise the effectiveness and result with dynamic economic growth.
Organisational insight

The organisational insight with HR Executive bears the following convenience:

  • Developmental opportunities and threats identification
    Organizational insight can identify potential deals enabling growth the efficiency of processes and risks that may endanger its competitiveness in order to properly design a risk management strategy before it occurs.
  • Improve effectiveness of the functioning
    By collecting information on the current internal communication and the needs of individual departments of consultants will implement a policy that streamlines the flow of information and recommend effective management tools. The result of these activities is to improve work efficiency.
  • The verification the organization's business objectives
    Thanks to the practical knowledge of the methodology of SMART and PURE our consultants define appropriate targets, according to data obtained by looking at the effectiveness of processes from different perspectives: management board, management, and employees. The analysis also subject to the requirements of the individual cells of the organization.
  • The implementation of management improvements
    After identifying the areas recommended for development projects are prepared to improve the processes of the company. A very important element is to inform employees about upcoming changes in the strategy of the company, so immediately before the implementation is conducted information campaign.
  • Indications of optimal development activities
    On the basis of analysis and experience of our consultant’s recommendations will be prepared for the changes in the communication process within the company and the management style of the organization.
  • Multilevel of the process
    Organizational insight can be performed at three levels: macro analysis - at the level of the entire organization, mezo analysis - at indicated department, team or project group and micro analysis – at the of employees level (competencies insight).


  1. The definition of objectives and selection of the research tools
    Clarifying the purpose of organizations insight with the management and adaptation methods.
  2. Preparation and data collection
    Interviews with employees of the different levels and analysis of the existing documentation.
  3. Insight of the most important processes in the organization
    Analysis of personnel policy and the way the internal communication and its effectiveness.
  4. The verification of an organization structures
    During the organizational insight are analyzed also the roles of employees: areas of responsibility, decision-making and tasks.
  5. Competences insight
    The study of competencies among employees at the all levels, analyzing their potential.
  6. Determining the level of matching strategy
    Based on the gathered information, our consultants will indicate the degree of adaptation of structures, systems and procedures organizational strategic objectives and development plans of the organization.
  7. Identification of the possible improvements
    The proposition of improvements in areas directly affecting the efficiency of the organization, eg. The implementation of motivation systems, design competence models, the introduction of performance management.
  8. Preparing the report recommended structural changes and management in the company
    Preparation of a report by experienced consultants, submitting it to management and consultation on proposed improvement actions.


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