Employer branding

Employer branding is a process of creating the employer image. It boost an identification between employee and the employer, has an impact on their engagement in everyday duties and on the way they speak about the company internally. The employer branding results in increase of company's attractiveness level and in bringing the best candidates from the market.
Employer branding

Working together with HR Executive on Employer Branding campaign gives you a variety of profits:

  • Company rising in comparison with its competition
    Our experienced consultants insure Employer to be told about in a positive and intriguing way. It will result in selling level increase, qualified candidates applying for the advertisement and in creation the image of trustworthy business partner.
  • Complex services
    Employer branding is not only the recruitment marketing within potential candidates environment. It is also the help for creating friendly working environment for current employees, taking care of their integration level and support in an outplacement process if necessary.
  • Brand recognition
    Thanks to the strategy build by our consultants the problem with company anonymity will not apear. The company will be perceived as attractive working environment and that opinion will transfer in purchasing decisions and increase of income.
  • Cost effectiveness
    Well considerated Emlployer branding campaign allows to decrease the recruitment costs. Good image of the employer limits high staff turnover and results in extension of interest in recruitment processes running by the company.
  • The best candidates
    In today's world employers are those fighting for the best employees. In order to hire outstanding candidates our consultants make information campaign projects, tailored precisely to the organisation needs (i.e. trade fairs, events, Network, universities).
  • Finding differences
    Our consultants' experience and high level of understandig business relations help in finding things making the company unique in the market. To do that, the nearest competitors are checked and those indirect as well (i.e. looking for the same specialists).
  • Building employees motivation
    Internal Employer branding campaign make employees feel as the most important asset in the company. If done with regards to its organizational culture, can results in boosting employees engagement in buliding good company image and in extending their identification with its aims.
  • Clear reports
    After careful consideration of data analyses about current brand recognition the company receives clear and complete report. It can be very helpful in drawing conclusions which can be used in a variety of situations and can be a useful material in analyses of apearing trends in some particular areas.


  1. Identification of goals and expected results
    Making up a communication which should exist in recivers' minds. Identification of elements making the company unique in the market. Project of a schedule.
  2. Analyses of current brand recognition
    Researches regarding the way the company is told about within its employees and external groups. Identification of existing myths and finding the sources of them.
  3. Settling the Employer branding campaign receivers
    Type of the campaign conceptualization (internal / external / both) and precise identification of factors that can characterise the receivers.
  4. Target areas identification
    Analyses of the company industry and the campaign target groups in order to find the best ways of approaching them.
  5. Choosing specific tools
    Settling the ways of attracting the Employer branding campaign receivers attention. Choosing channels of communication online and offline, adjusted to the company's values.
  6. Strategy implementation
    The campaign starts with employees. Taking care of their positive attitude to the employer and opinion about the company is a key to success. Attention should be paid to the communication, attractive compensation system and growth possibilities (trainings, coaching).
  7. Results verification
    Market research regarding increased brand recognition and the changes in opinions about it within the Employer branding target groups. The comparison of initial results and those received after the campaign.

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