Performance management

Performance management is one of the processes connected with Human Resources Management, focused on revealing the best results from individuals, teams and whole organisation work. In that approach the most important thing is to encourage each member of the company to be heading in the same, common direction.
Performance management

Working together with HR Executive on implementing Performance management gives you a variety of profits:

  • Support in building the MBO
    ​Performance management is strictly tied in with management by objectives. As a result, our consultants can help in shaping a clear connection between individual's performance and the salary level.
  • Construction or re - construction of competence models
    Building the competence model with the possibility to connect it with other Human Resources Management tools, as recruitment processes or Assessment centres.
  • Preparation of the Key Performance Indicators
    Development of complex Key Performance Indicators with the view to quick evaluating of progress. 
  • Trainings for managers
    ​Working with managers to develop their competences essential in conducting talks related to MBO evaluation on their own.
  • Objective appraisal of current situation
    The study of existing situation in the company done by our consultants, as well as unbiased record of the actual status and recommendation of the best possible way of realizing the project.
  • Trainings, workshops and coaching
    ​Our company offers a wide range of trainings and coaching sessions related to soft skills development. As a result, there is an ease to in connecting Performance management results with taking adequate development steps.


  1. Crosscheck of foregoing customer strategy
    Preparation of coherent and clear mission and vision based on the company's values, as well as defining concret goals of the organization, connected with its employe 
  2. Building adequate competence models
    ​Selection of competences essential to reach set goals and construction of performance indicators in order to evaluate taken goal - oriented steps.
  3. Making clear connection between individual's results and the salary level
    Developing relations between the remuneration system and Performance management processes, in order to boost empoyees' motivation and their engagement in achieving goals as well as to increase their job satisfaction level.
  4. Performance appraisal sessions
    ​Meetings aimed to evaluate the level of achieved results, conducted with the use of provided assessment tools.
  5. Project of trainings and workshops based on performance appraisal results
    ​Diagnosis of training needs, soft skills tuitions preparation and conduction.

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