Assessment Center

Increase the accuracy of your recruitment decisions through an intensive verification of the candidates' competences.  We plan and hold Assessment Centre sessions which examine the candidate's reactions to different simulated aspects of the work environment.
Assessment Center

Working with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Planning dedicated programme
    When designing dedicated tasks and planning an Assessment Centre session, we bear in mind you goals and the specificity of your company.
  • Supporting Employer Branding
    During Assessment Centre sessions we build a positive image of your company as research- and development-oriented.  . 
  • Varying Assessment Centre session tasks
    We design varied Assessment Centre tasks and activities to ensure the high level of participants' engagement.
  • Detailed analysis of profile and selection of competences
    We analyse the job profile and define the set of key competences necessary for achieving good results.
  • Multidimensional key competences assessment
    We conduct a detailed assessment of candidates' competences on the basis of verbal and non-verbal communication.  
  • Improving your employees' assessment competency
    We improve your employees' assessment competency by providing them with an opportunity to participate in Assessment Centre sessions. 
  • Compiling comparative reports
    We compile reports which compare competences graphically (quantitative data) and describe the top ranked candidates in details (qualitative data). 
  • Providing relevant feedback
    We provide all participants of the Assessment Centre session with detailed feedback and discuss the results by showing them concrete examples of their actions.

Assessment Centre is easier than you think...

  1. Defining key competences
    Based on the job requirements and organizational structure of your company, we choose and define relevant competences.
  2. Designing behavioural indicators 
    We fill the Assessment Centre session with tasks and activities requiring specific reactions. Observation of these reactions and behaviours allows to evaluate participants' competences. 
  3. Training assessors and preparing evaluation spread sheets
    We organize assessors' meetings to discuss the Assessment Centre session's programme and the rating scale.
  4. Holding Assessment Centre sessions
    We carry out evaluation of participants' competences in line with the session's programme.
  5. Summarizing assessors' observations
    We discuss the course of the Assessment Centre session immediately after its closure and conduct the preliminary evaluation of the participants' competences.
  6. Compiling competency evaluation report
    We compile a report which includes quantitative and qualitative data on the Assessment Centre session's results of every participant.
  7. Providing relevant feedback 
    We discuss the results of the Assessment Centre session with every participant paying special attention to their strengths and weakness.

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