Assessment Center

Assessment Center - is a a tool used in internal and external recruitment processes for verification and evaluation of key competences for a particular position. During the Assessment Center sessions the participants are faced to tasks that allow to observe specific behaviors helping to indicate the competences' level.
Assessment Center

Conducting Assessment Centre with us gives you a variety of profits:

  • Prepare a dedicated AC program
    Used in the Assessment Centre authorial tasks, prepared in accordance with customer needs.
  • Providing feedback 
    Provide constructive feedback for all participants, motivating for further development.
  • The variety of tasks 
    Use interactive exercises of a group or individual character like construction tasks, simulation, role-playing, group discussions, case studies, in-basket exercises, presentations, samples of work.
  • Profile recognize 
    Analysis of the job description in the context of a competency model of the organization. In case of lack of it define the key competencies for the position.
  • Predisposition evaluation 
    Verification of the candidates competences adjusted to the job position carried out by experienced assessors.   
  • Support for the Internal Assessors 
    Access to regular open trainings for Assessors and trainings dedicated for the Customer.
  • Comparative analysis 
    Preparation of the report comparing all participants, supporting the decision making process of the final selection of candidates.
  • Elements of Employer Branding 
    Building the image of a learning organization through the use of modern tools of human resource management. 


  1. Definition of the competencies 
    Determination of the measured competence in regard to the employers expectations and culture of the organization.
  2. Preparation of tools and indicators to measure competence 
    Preparation tasks and scenario of the Assessment Centre session in order to trigger the behavior under observation and assessment.
  3. Training of the Assessors 
    Preparation of assessors - Putting them in the task, familiarizing with definitions of competence and indicators.
  4. Carrying out the Assessment Center sessions 
    Implementation of a research follows a predetermined program, observation and preliminary evaluation of participants.
  5. Wash up 
    Meeting of assessors and moderators participating in the Assessment Centre session to take stock of observation.
  6. Presentation of the AC results 
    Providing to the Customer individual reports and comparative report of the participants.
  7. Providing feedback 
    Performing individual feedback sessions to explain the assessment contained in the report.


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