Coaching is aimed at release of potential employee for increasing its effectiveness in the implementation of daily duties. This is the path of personal development and making positive changes in attitudes on professional grounds. Coaching is conducted individually by a structured series of meetings with the coach, based on the relationship of mutual trust and sense of security.

10    reasons why it is worth to conduct the coaching with HR Executive:

  • Increase of effectiveness of actions
  • Developing the ability of risk management
  • Awareness of what actions and behaviors to help you to operate more efficiently
  • Increase the potential and the ability to achieve better results
  • Awareness of strengths and weaknesses of the participant of the process
  • Developing the skills for conflict management
  • The improvement of interpersonal relationships and improving teamwork
  • Self-motivation – increase of the internal motivation and understanding its sources
  • Self-awareness of purposes and the ability of determining them
  • Getting to know new ways of perceiving challenges and develop innovative methods to deal with them


Coaching is based on partnership relations and mutual trust. The assumption of the process is that the employee was able to use his skills as a natural and an instinctive reaction in a particular situation.

Coaching is composed of meetings during the session and tasks performed between them. About the topic of the session decides the client and that goal gives it direction. The coaching has its own unique, individual scenario and form. Coach supports the participant, motivates him and help broaden their horizons.

Coaching is a measurable process the effectiveness of the level of behavior and therefore the visible changes in the operation of the participant. The change occurs through personal discovery, broadening self-awareness and understanding of its internal strategies.

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