Competence models

Competence model is a basic instrument for improving the quality of human resources management in the organization. Competency models allow to streamline and standardize HR processes, improve the efficiency of individual employees and the operation of entire teams which translate into better business of the organization.
Competence models

Working together with us on building competence models gives you a variety of profits:

  • Individual approach 
    Development of individual set of competencies matched to the organization in accordance with its current needs. 
  • Links with recruitment 
    Preparing recruitment strategy based on competence model.
  • Embedding in the context of the organization
    Preparing descriptions of competencies and sets of behaviors that can be observed during the implementation of daily duties. 
  • Links with Assessment 
    Developing a strategy for linking the model of employee evaluation system.
  • Protection the path of development 
    Designing the competences for the organization in terms of its development in the short coming years.
  • Development strategy 
    The term planning methods of employee training in relation to interim evaluation and model of competence.


  1. Creating a project team 
    Selecting of consultants who understand the customer industry.
  2. The information campaign about the project 
    Communication design and clear presentation of the objectives. Actions to increase acceptance of the project implementation.
  3. Company documents analysis 
    Review and analysis of personal documents in the organization (organizational structure, strategy development, applicable work procedures, job descriptions, result of the performance reviews).
  4. The choice of strategic competence
    Picking out key competencies for the organization, in cooperation with the management and personnel department.
  5. Construction of the structure and define levels of competence model
    Designing a model taking into account the expectations of the employer and the specificity of the company while maintaining the brevity.
  6. Selection of position groups 
    Creating job descriptions based on the analysis and the information received from the employer. 
  7. Panel discussions with the participation of representatives of the various position groups 
    Gain greater knowledge of the specifics of the work, processes and requirements of the various departments. 
  8. Analysis of critical occurrence 
    Overview of ways of solving difficult situations, analyzing successes and failures.
  9. Preparation of a draft model 
    Construction of competency model based on the collected information.
  10. Implementing a model 
    Implementation of the model in various aspects of internal human resources policy.
  11. Model validation 
    Check the functioning of profiles of competence in practice and modify them as needed. 


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