Employees trainings

By trainings we can improve specific competences in the organization. Regularly implemented a training program reinforces the motivation of employees to perform their duties, gives them self-confidence and increases job satisfaction. Trainings are also an important element in building employee loyalty and the image of a good employer.
Employees trainings

HR Executive can design and implement training for the following target groups:

  • Management
    Trainings of management competencies also supported the work of the workshop.
  • HR Departments 
    Trainings of human resource management dedicated for HR departments and managers.
  • Specialists
    Training for employees on specialist positions which require the specific soft skills.
  • All employees 
    Dedicated trainings addressed for the selected employees, eg. in the field of change management for the restructuring of the organization.
Our offer includes trainings designed according to the specific needs of the Customer, as well as trainings open at a predetermined the core curriculum and deadlines.

Procedure and methodology

  1. Identification and analysis of training needs 
    Before deciding to choosing the right topic of training, we conduct a diagnosis of training needs. By understanding the specifics of the industry, the purpose of the organization and its competence team will design a matched program, which will bring tangible results. 
  2. Realization of trainings 
    During the training sessions we place great emphasis on active methods of cooperation with the participants in order for them acquired new knowledge and to learn its use in practice. We help trainees identify their strengths and weaknesses and to identify individual potential to better their use and determine directions of development. The result of training is a positive change of attitudes and development of knowledge.
  3. Evaluation of the effects of training 
    Every trainings are completed by an analysis of effectiveness. Thanks to that we gain knowledge about the benefits learned by the participants, as well as evaluating the work of our trainers. This allows for continuous improvement of the competence of our trainers and training program.

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