Our Values

The major aim of the HR Executive consultants is to assist our clients in making strategic decisions that contribute to increasing the efficiency and profitability of the company through the development of its employees and optimization of processes and structures in which they perform their tasks.

Obrazek nagłówkowy do Our Values

We have introduced a general set of principles - HR Executive Code of Conduct

Our employees and partners are obliged to:

  1. Maintain the confidentiality of information about other companies if they came in its possession as a result of a co-operation, informal contacts or by chance.
  2. Act with due diligence in protecting the personal data of employees and candidates.
  3. Not to obstruct the access to the market of Human Resources consulting to other people or business entities.
  4. Use the advertising and promotion not violating the principles of fair and acceptable advertising.

Our Mission and the Code of Conduct are our guidelines in daily operations.

Since the beginning of our company we have been aiming at ensuring that the Human Resources consulting was for our consultants more than just their work. For us it is also a hobby and something we really like doing. That is why we satisfy the needs of our customers at the highest level.

In order to effectively implement, often complex needs of our clients, in addition to those permanently engaged in the daily work of the HR Executive, we cooperate with experienced external consultants who possess an advanced knowledge, workshop and market acceptance. Selecting consultants we work with, not only do we regard their substantive competences, but also consider the consistency of their values and principles of our Code of Conduct, which is to guide us in our daily work with clients.