Company Overview

HR Executive is a consulting company dealing with people, processes and structures in organizations. We help our customers build new teams of employees from scratch, as well as optimize the existing ones,  place them in the respective structures and develop optimal processes to increase efficiency.
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We aim at reducing costs and increasing productivity.

At the same time we make sure that people in your organization work comfortably in the atmosphere of mutual understanding and full awareness of the objectives pursued by the organization.

Why HR Executive?

  • We have been operating  in the market continuously since 2005.
  • We are a team of consultants with over a decade of experience in working with clients; we have an experience in working with both small and medium-sized business and multinational corporations.
  • Our scope of activities covers broadly defined human resource consulting.
  • We are the company oriented on the quality of our projects, and not on the number of customers.
  • We boast high efficiency and skill application of an individual approach to the customer.
  • We are experienced in the use of virtually all the tools offered by  the personal consulting.
We are registered as an Employment Agencies and certified under the following number: : WUP XVI/9064/KRAZ-12805.