Performance management

Performance management encompasses a wide range of activities that we offer to undertake in order to ensure high job performance at your company. Performance management focuses on performance of both individual employees and whole organization.  
Performance management

Working with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Defining employees' responsibilities
    Prior to implementing performance management activities, we conduct the analysis of company's strategy to understand its aims and translate them into particular employees' duties and responsibilities.
  • Designing MBO
    One of the key elements of performance management is MBO which relies on measurement and comparison of an employee's actual performance with the standards set, as well as allows for correlation of employee's achievements with relevant remuneration.  
  • We identify and define key performance indicators (KPI)
    We design a set of key performance indicators which can be used by your executive managers to objectively evaluate employees' performance.
  • Training managers
    Performance management activities require constant engagement of managers. We offer extensive training in using employees performance assessment tools.
  • Ensuring support throughout assessment
    We support and actively participate in KPI based periodic performance evaluations.
  • Designing development schemes and conducting trainings
    We conduct tailor-made training sessions, as well as individual and group coaching sessions.

Key steps for increasing employees' effectiveness

  1. Analysing organization's goals and mission
    We get to know company's goals and mission to translate them into a carefully designed set of employees' duties and responsibilities.
  2. Designing a dedicated competency model
    We design a set of competences compatible with company's goals and mission.
  3. Defining correlation between effectiveness and remuneration
    We define the relationship between employees' remuneration and their realization of key performance indicators.
  4. Automation of performance management
    We provide you with IT tools which enable to analyse the results of key performance indicators and to present them in the form of comprehensive reports.
  5. Implementing development schemes
    We identify employees' competences which need improvement. We also plan and run relevant training sessions.

Increase your employees' effectiveness and design a comprehensive performance management scheme with us.

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