Competence models

A well-defined competency model is a key factor in designing a successful HR management strategy.  We will design a dedicated competency model which will not only lower the costs of running you company but also improve employee efficiency which is the backbone of every business.
Competence models

Working with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Designing a dedicated competency model
    We ensure personal approach to designing and implementing a well-adjusted and goal-oriented competency model.
  • Creating a clearly defined organizational structure
    We help you standardize HR policy, thereby creating an explicitly defined organizational structure and ensuring clarity of all rules governing it. 
  • Improving effectiveness of recruitment process
    We make the recruitment process more efficient by correlating job profiles with the requirements concerning the mastery of specific competences.
  • Staff performance appraisal system
    We facilitate staff performance appraisal by surveying the quality of work on a daily basis as well as defining particular competences on the basis of a set of observable behaviours.
  • Optimizing staff training and career development policy
    We carefully define competency sets and correlate them with particular positions, thereby optimizing your company's staff training policy.
  • Building sense of justice
    A clearly defined staff appraisal and career development policy is a solid foundation for building mutual trust and sense of justice at your company.

Successful implementation of competency model with HRE

  1. Preparatory analysis
    Getting acquainted with goals, organizational structure, and employee documentation.
  2. Information campaign
    Planning and running an information campaign which introduces employees to the process of competence model implementation.
  3. Defining key competences
    Defining strategic competences necessary for achieving goals by employees at different levels of career ladder.
  4. Reviewing and updating job descriptions
    Reviewing job descriptions used by your company and their optimization in line with the requirements delineated in the competency model.
  5. Designing and implementing the competency model
    Defining key competences and designing a well-adjusted competency model that can be effectively used in different areas of HR policy.
  6. Evaluation of the designed model
    Reviewing the competency model's practical functioning and implementing optimization solutions.

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