Our values

The main goal of HRE consultants is to assist clients in making strategic decisions that contribute to increasing company's efficiency and profitability. We also aim at optimizing company's organizational structures and allowing employees to hone their skills.

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Since we care about our clients' well-being, we have devised HRE Code of Conduct.

Our employees and partners are obliged to:

  1. Maintain confidentiality of information about other companies which they have learnt through co-operation, informal contacts, or simply by chance.
  2. Act with due diligence when it comes to protection of employees' and candidates' personal data.
  3. Provide other persons or entities with unrestricted access to human resource consulting services.
  4. Devise fair and acceptable advertisements and promotional campaigns.

Our mission and Code of Conduct guide our actions on a daily basis.

From the beginning of our company we have ensured that human resources consulting is much more than just work for our consultants. We have made it our passion and hobby. As a result, we are capable of satisfying all of our clients' needs simultaneously maintaining high quality of our services.

In order to fulfil the often-times complex needs of our clients we cooperate with experienced external consultants who can boast extensive knowledge, remarkable skills, and strong market acceptance. When selecting consultants we want to work with, we take into account their competences and values; the latter need to match the Code of Conduct which guides us in our daily work with clients.