Recruitment process outsourcing

If your company is planning to significantly increase employment, form a new team, or open a new branch, recruitment process outsourcing is the most effective way to succeed. Employing a team of dedicated consultants who specialize in RPO will lower the costs you will have to bear and save your time.
Recruitment process outsourcing

Working with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Saving time and lowering costs
    Dedication of the consultants who recruit on your behalf and for your company ensures the effectiveness of the recruitment process.
  • Supporting managers
    Handling and coordinating particular stages of the procedure, our consultants unburden the managers involved in recruitment.
  • Facilitating communication
    Thanks to the possibility of our consultants working directly at your company, we ensure direct contact with the strategic individuals involved in the project.
  • Maintaining customer standards
    We adjust the modalities for the documentation and reports to the customer's internal requirements and ensure a flexible attitude towards strategies employed throughout the project.
  • Standardized methods
    We define and enforce optimal standards of competence assessment which simplify the process of candidate selection.
  • Guarantee
    We issue guarantees on conducted and successfully finished recruitment processes.

Recruitment process outsourcing step by step

  1. Need analysis
    Prior to commencing the recruitment process outsourcing, we get to know the nature of the industry and the company to ensure a better understanding of the role the candidate will play in it and the expectations they need to meet.
  2. Designing strategies  
    We define the optimal timeframe and organization of the project as well as the reporting standards.
  3. Defining job profiles
    We define the optimal timeframe and organization of the project as well as the reporting standards.
  4. Market analyses
    We conduct the analysis of the potential candidates' availability and perform salary benchmarking.
  5. Active candidate search 
    We use various communication channels to identify the suitable candidates and invite them to participate in the recruitment process
  6. Multidimensional competency assessment
    We employ behavioural interviews, psychometric tests, Assessment Centre, career path analysis, and foreign languages tests.
  7. Compiling summary recruitment reports
    We prepare summaries that allow for an effective comparison of the interviewees' competencies as well as reports that present the best candidates' profiles.
  8. Organizing final interviews
    We arrange the date which is suitable for the managers and book the available rooms in which the interviews are to be carried out.
  9. Notifying candidates on the results
    We provide all candidates taking part in the recruitment process with feedback on their performance.
  10. Completing documentation
    We complete a set of  documents necessary for signing the contract (references, personal questionnaires, clauses, etc.).

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