Trainee programs

Employing young, gifted, and devoted individuals is a good strategy for building a solid market position. To attract the most talented ones to your company, we design and run trainee programmes. The coordinated activities carried out under them minimize the risk and lower the costs you will have to bear.
Trainee programs

Working with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Designing comprehensive strategy
    We define relevant target groups and support your company in designing trainee programs attractive for young talented individuals.
  • Implementing promotional activities
    We adjust the channels and means of communicating with the selected target groups. 
  • Designing potential assessment methods
    We design a comprehensive strategy of assessing the candidates' potential as well as verify the key competences that the trainees need to possess to succeed and to add value to your business.
  • Long-term image building activities
    We provide you with a set of tools for building a positive image of you as an employer in the eyes of the talented youth.  We execute comprehensive employer branding and devise tools for monitoring the effects of your actions.

Your path to acquiring the talented youth

  1. Need analysis
    Prior to launching the project, we get to know the nature of the industry and the company to ensure a better understanding of the expectations the gifted young individuals need to meet.   
  2. Designing strategies
    We define the optimal timeframe and organization of the project as well as the promotional tools used throughout its implementation.
  3. Defining expectations
    We design the map of the candidates' desired and welcomed competences as well as their personality profiles. 
  4. Market analysis
    We conduct the analysis of the potential candidates' availability and their expectations concerning the trainee program.
  5. Promotional activities
    To promote the trainee program, we cooperate with universities, career offices, reading groups, and student organizations. We run a multichannel information campaign on the Internet.
  6. Multidimensional competency assessment
    We employ behavioural interviews, psychometric tests, Assessment Centre, and foreign languages tests.
  7. Compiling summary recruitment reports
    We prepare summaries that allow for an effective comparison of the interviewees' competencies as well as reports that present the best candidates' profiles.
  8. Support final decision
    Our consultants help you make the final decision and choose the most talented young individuals.
  9. Notifying candidates on the results
    We provide all candidates taking part in the recruitment process for the trainee program with feedback on their performance.

Strengthen your  position on the market now. Develop trainee programs with us.

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