Trainee programs

Looking for ambitious employees? Organizing trainee programs is an interesting way to discover and develop young talented employees. The biggest advantage of such approach is an ability to verify a potential employee in organizational enviroment without incurring high costs of employment. Implementing trainee programs is also a significant part of employer branding strategy.
Trainee programs

When organizing trainee programs with us you may expect the following benefits:

  • Creating strategy of recruiting talented employees
    Support in defining a target group and building an interesting program for candidates whose skills will be an added value for the organization. This will result in interesting more potential candidates and possibility to choose from larger group.
  • Creating strategy of promotional campaign
    Selection of media, events, communications channels and designing attention-grabing communication. On client request we will develop graphics and printed materials.
  • Preparation of selection methods
    Preparing comperhensive program for assessing competences of candidates, which allows to identify their strong points and areas for development.
  • Monitoring project extent and effects 
    Organizing trainee programs is one of employer branding actions. We will prepare a report describing taken activities.


  1. Strategy meeting
    Understanding goals, mission of the organization, strategic assumptions of the project and client needs for trainee positions.
  2. Building project strategy
    Identifying ways and sources to reach potential candidaties.
  3. Defining expectations for trainees
    Determination of key and additional competences (skills, knowledge, expected availability, interpersonal features).
  4. Performing promotional campaign
    Organizing activities at career fair, student forums, social media, collaboration with universities and student associations.
  5. Market analysis
    Verifying availability of candidates with preffered set of competences and their expectations towards potential employer.
  6. Search for candidates 
    Identifying the most suitable candidates thorugh Direct Search and selection of incoming applications after publishing job offer.
  7. Assessment of competences level
    Verifying candidates matching to key expectations through:
    • Assessment Center,
    • foreign languages tests,
    • substantive tests,
    • psychometric tests,
    • case study.
  8. Preparing recruitment report
    Presenting the recruitment report describing strong points and areas for development of recommended candidates.
  9. Arrangement of following job interviews
    Organizing client's meetings with chosen candidates.
  10. Support in final choice
    Consultancy while making the final decision in case of any doubts.
  11. Providing feedback
    Providing feedback to not selected candidates.

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