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We love sharing the knowledge, thus we decided to create a number of human resouces ' related publicastions. We touch there some of the basic topics from HR world. We hope those small information pills will help to understand all the opportunities and threads appearing while dealing with people in the organisations

Manage your good relations with the candidates

One negative candidates opinion can spread out through the Internet like a dangerously mutating virus. Activities towards building a positive employer image aren't something you may consider anymore, these must become an immanent part of the HR operations.


Expanding your crew in the times of employees' market

Since the end of 2013, one can observe a gradual reverse of the trends in the labor market, managers felt a wind of the positive economic changes and their corporate ships need to build up crews urgently.


Discover hidden costs of failed recruitment

Most employers underestimate real costs of failed recruitment. Indirect and hidden costs might be overwhelming and difficult to be counted. Don't jeopardize and turn on professional recruitment process.


Outplacement a dobry wizerunek pracodawcy

Większość pracodawców nie zdaje sobie sprawy, iż całkowite koszty rekrutacji są wyższe niż wstępnie zakładane i nie doszacowują ich nawet do 90%.