Managers and experts recruitment

Finding a competent candidate for the position of a manager or an expert requires conducting a thorough needs analysis and carrying out a multi-stage recruitment process. Oftentimes managers are not the experts in the field they supervise as their focus in on management itself. Experts, on the other hand, perform a number of tasks previously executed by managers.
Managers and experts recruitment

Working with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Conducting labour market analysis beforehand
    We deliver the analyses of market remuneration, benefits, and the availability of candidates which you can use to construct a competitive job offer.
  • Support in defining your needs 
    We facilitate the construction of an optimal job profile which reflects the needs of your company as well as choose a relevant and effective recruitment strategy.
  • Confidentiality of recruitment process 
    If your company requires discretion, we ensure confidentiality of the recruitment process.
  • Ensuring effective communication
    We design and implement a comprehensive communication strategy to contact the potential candidates. 
  • Fast recruitment process
    We carry out the recruitment process efficiently and smoothly thanks to the experience of our consultants and the use of dedicated IT systems. 
  • Thorough examination of competences
    We identify the most suitable candidates thanks to the multidimensional analysis of applicants' competences (including behavioural interview, Assessment Centre, psychometric test).  
  • Presentation of verified and highly rated candidates only
    We provide a recruitment report which presents the competences of the best candidates clearly and comprehensively as well as shows the career paths they have followed so far.  
  • Supporting final decision
    We provide support of experienced consultants who help you make the final decision concerning the choice of the best candidate for a managerial position.
  • Confirming references
    We ask the candidate's previous employers about their performance.
  • Guarantee
    We secure your investment by guaranteeing a free re-recruitment process in case of the selected candidate's resignation.

Managers and experts recruitment step by step

  1. Need analysis
    Prior to commencing the recruitment process, we get to know the nature of the industry and the company to ensure a better understanding of the role the candidate will play in it and the expectations they need to meet.
  2. Defining job profile   
    We define the job profile which delineates the key competencies and behavioural expectations.
  3. Market analysis
    We conduct the analysis of the potential candidates' availability and perform salary benchmarking.
  4. Active Direct Search
    We contact the suitable candidates and persuade them to participate in the subsequent stages of the recruitment process.
  5. Multidimensional competency assessment
    We employ behavioural interviews, psychometric tests, Assessment Centre, career path analysis, and foreign languages tests.
  6. Compiling recruitment report
    We present the best candidates' profiles in a transparent and detailed report that facilitates the efficient analysis of their potential.
  7. Support in finishing recruitment process
    We help you make the final choice and notify the non-selected candidates of your decision.

Improve the quality of management and increase your company's efficiency.

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