Managers and experts recruitment service

Finding an expert or a manager requires careful deep assessment and multi-stage recruitment process. Nowadays managers often are not the experts in the areas they head up as they mainly focus on the management aspects. The experts on the other hand perform many tasks previously executed by managers.
Managers and experts recruitment service

While conducting managers and experts recruitment service we provides the following benefits:

  • Deep verification of competences
    Using advanced tools such as psychometric tests and Assessment Center sessions in order to verify expected soft skills.
  • Fast and consistent process realization
    Coordinated actions of recruitment team supported in the whole process by advanced IT system ensure its rapid and smooth realization.
  • Recommending the best of the best
    Presenting the recruitment report introducing the highest-rated candidates who are competent to build an effective development strategy.
  • Benchmark and assessing the feasibility of a project
    Recognition of candidates reachability, analysis of salaries level and confrontation with realities of the market.
  • Creating effective communication
    Creation and implementation of a comperhensive communiaction strategy in order to maximize candidates' interest in the offer.
  • Support in making the final decision
    Optional participation in subsequent job interviews in order to support final decision.
  • Consultancy
    Supporting the construction of an ideal candidate profile based on client's needs and a situation on the labor market.
  • Career verification
    Audit of references, verifying a history of cooperation with previous employers.
  • Confidentiality of recruitment process
    Reaching the best candidates while maintaining the full confidentiality.
  • Guarantee
    Providing free re-recruitment process under the guarantee in case of candidate's resignation.


  1. Strategy meeting
    Understanding goals and mission of the organization and conception of the strategic role which will be filled in.
  2. Defining expectations
    Defining the job profile - expected soft skills, required experience, personality, management style, career achievements.
  3. Market analysis
    Candidates and salary levels benchmark, creation and adaptation of job offer.
  4. Search for candidates 
    Identifying the most suitable candidates thorugh Direct Search and persuading them to participate in the recruitment process as well as selection of incoming applications after publishing job offer.
  5. Assessment of competences level
    Candidates verification using a wide range of tools:
    • behavioral interview (STAR methodology),
    • foreign languages tests,
    • substantive tests,
    • psychometric tests,
    • case study (e.g. creating a business plan),
    • Assessment Center.
  6. Recruitment report preparation
    Presenting the recruitment report introducing the highest-rated candidates, describing in detail their competences.
  7. Arrangement of following job interviews
    Organizing client's meetings with recommended candidates.
  8. Support in final job interviews
    Consultancy while making the final decision.
  9. Providing feedback
    Providing feedback to not selected candidates.

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