360-degree feedback

360-degree feedback solicits feedback regarding the employee's behaviour from a variety of points of view, e.g. that of a supervisor, subordinate, colleague, or client. Our knowledge and the use of SUCCESSSTEPS, an original IT platform, 360-degree feedback is efficient and transparent
360-degree feedback

Working with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Automation of evaluation
    The use of SUCCESSSTEPS, an original IT platform, makes 360-degree feedback efficient and protects respondent anonymity. A built-in functionality of our IT system allows for giving 360-degrees in an international environment as well.
  • Transparent results presentation
    Informing employees of their results is the fruit of the successful 360-degree feedback. We ensure transparency of our reports as well a fully professional approach to giving feedback.  We compile reports on organizational aspects and the performance of particular groups of employees on demand. 
  • Flexibility in designing competence model
    360-degrees feedback is based on a competence model. SUCCESSSTEPS allows us to support your current competence model. We can also design a dedicated model from scratch or share a set of ready-made competences defined by our experts.
  • Personalised 360-degree feedback
    Every company has its goals, specificities, and unique organizational structure. We can provide you with a personalised solution that takes into account your company's needs and capabilities. Our competence model will lay a solid foundation for further effective HR management activities.
  • Professional feedback sessions
    Providing evaluated employees with guidance that will help them draw conclusions from feedback sessions plays an important role in boosting their motivation. The coaching background of our experts ensures their ability to push your employees in the right direction.
  • Implementing development schemes
    We plan employee training and individual coaching sessions in line with a dedicated development scheme.  We offer a wide range of soft skills development programmes which can be easily adjusted to you company's needs.


Providing 360-degree feedback is a challenge, especially when it comes to its content and organizational aspects. Thanks to our experience and available tools, we offer comprehensive support at all stages of this process.

360-degree feedback provided by HRE in 9 steps:
  1. Need analysis
    We conduct need analysis, set goals, and define the scope of the evaluation.
  2. Designing competence model
    We either adjust or design from scratch the competence model used in the following 360-degree feedback sessions.
  3. Preparing employees for 360-degree feedback
    We prepare informational campaigns, the aim of which is to acquaint evaluators and evaluees with the aims and the course of 360-degree feedback.
  4. Implementing SUCCESSSTEPS
    The use of SUCCESSSTEPS, our original IT tool, ensures seamlessness of 360-degree feedback.
  5. Rendering feedbacks in different languages
    In case of preparing feedback for an international company, we render it in different languages. SUCCESSSTEPS supports rendering different language versions of the evaluation. 
  6. Maximizing evaluators' engagement
    Automated procedures regularly remind evaluators of the need to fill in the questionnaires.
  7. Compiling transparent 360-degree feedback reports
    Every evaluee receives a personalized report which summarizes their results and sets them against the entire group's results in a graphic manner.
  8. Giving feedback
    We hold individual meetings to help evaluees understand reports and prepare an appropriate development scheme.
  9. Implementing development scheme
    We organize soft skills trainings and coaching sessions.

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