Outsourcing of the recruitment consultants

If your company is planning a dynamic growth or launching a new business unit, usually there is a need to recruit higher number of employees in a short term. In such case we offer an individual approach to the recruitment process. We create a dedicated recruitment team, which is fully involved in the project conducted for your organization.
Outsourcing of the recruitment consultants

Major benefits when outsourcing of our recruitment consultants:

  • Costs reduction
    Significant reduction of project duration and total costs as a result of meeting organizational procedures and standards by a dedicated recruitment team.
  • Standarization of competences verification
    Preparing a standardized methodology to assess competences of candidates allows to prepare the ranking of potential employees, which simplifies making the right decisions.
  • Time saving
    Significant reduction of project duration by secondment of dedicated recruitment team, which spends 100% of the time on the staffing project.
  • Consultancy for Recruiting Managers
    Time and resources savings, which allows company employees may focus on their daily tasks.
  • Consistent communication management
    Taking over the role of coordinator in the process of communication between candidates and Recruiting Managers.
  • Adjustment to documentation standards
    Adjustment to documentation standards resulting in significant relieving Recruiting Managers of part of duties.


  1. Strategy meeting
    Understanding goals, mission of the organization and strategic assumptions of the project.
  2. Building project strategy
    Planning project timeframe and establishing reporting path.
  3. Defining job profiles and expectations for specific positions
    Defining job profiles with Recruiting Managers - expected soft skills, required experience, personality, management style, career achievements.
  4. Market analyses
    Candidates and salary levels benchmark, creation and adaptation of job offers.
  5. Search for candidates 
    Identifying the most suitable candidates thorugh Direct Search and persuading them to participate in the recruitment process as well as selection of incoming applications after publishing job offer.
  6. Assessment of competences level
    Candidates verification using a wide range of tools:
    • behavioral interview (STAR methodology),
    • foreign languages tests,
    • substantive tests,
    • psychometric tests,
    • case study (e.g. creating a business plan),
    • Assessment Center.
  7. Preparing aggregate recruitment reports
    Preparing summary reports enabling a comparison of level of verified competences and reports recommending the best candidates along with individual comment.
  8. Arrangement of following job interviews
    Organizing Recruiting Managers' meetings with recommended candidates.
  9. Support in final job interviews
    Consultancy while making the final decision.
  10. Providing feedback
    Providing feedback to not selected candidates.
  11. Preparing project documentation
    Collecting documents needed to submit a final offer and sign a contract.

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